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 Studio SHIFTs First Chinese Project Unwrapped

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PostSubject: Studio SHIFTs First Chinese Project Unwrapped   Mon Nov 08, 2010 1:11 am

Proposals have been put forward for a new tower in Miyi County, Sichuan Province, China. Named the Miyi Tower it will when built stand at a height of 106 metres, modest for the country but enough to make it one of the tallest buildings in the immediate area.

Designed by L.A based architects Studio SHIFT, it will sit on the edge of the Anning River is part of a huge masterplan for developing the area and will act as a gateway between a new development in the North and to the leisure and agricultural districts in the South.

The landmark tower will sit on a kilometre long promenade which itself will consist of parks and public spaces that include photovoltaic fields and wind turbines. Landscaping the outdoor areas is the SWA Group.

At its base will be an amphitheatre that is formed by the tower tapering between raised pathways which converge under the tower before continuing as a bridge across the river.

A square central core is visible at the base which will be the entry point to the tower, around this the tower is wrapped in a very angular way, at various points up the tower there are angular protrusions leaning out of the tower.

Due to the temperate nature of the regions climate only half of the building will be fully enclosed, large double height spaces are alternated with open areas and are arranged around the core in order to give different views on every floor of the tower.

The tower will be constructed from steel and have a porous skin, normally these sort of skins are perforated but to make their tower stand out from the crowd, the Studio SHIFT guys have instead created the same effect using by suspending vertical panels on a light frame around the building.

This technique gives the façade a unique and striking appearance almost sketch like in appearance that belongs more to the world of Photoshop filters than real-life architecture. This technique also allows for these panels to be photovoltaic adding to the towers sustainability.

As requested by the Government, the tower will be an educational space and will feature an auditorium, exhibition spaces the open-air floors will be used as event spaces, gardens and an observation deck where visitors can go an enjoy spectacular views of the area. There will also be restaurants serving local cuisine.

Ambitiously, it's hoped the project could get underway late in the summer of 2009 with a completion date in 2013

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PostSubject: Re: Studio SHIFTs First Chinese Project Unwrapped   Mon Jan 03, 2011 11:41 am


Park Hyatt Hotel, está ubicado en la Ciudad de Mendoza, a 15 minutos del Aeropuerto Internacional y de las principales bodegas y a 90 minutos de centros de ski.


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Studio SHIFTs First Chinese Project Unwrapped
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