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 The Circus Comes To Kazakhstan

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PostSubject: The Circus Comes To Kazakhstan   The Circus Comes To Kazakhstan EmptyTue Nov 09, 2010 12:46 am

Designed by Foster and Partners in conjunction with architectural firms Linea Tusavul Architecture and Gultekin Architecture, this unusual project project named Khan Shatyr (Royal Marquee) gives the distinct impression that the circus is about to come to town for the residents of Astana, Kazakhstan.

With a central mast at its core the tent like structure reaching up to a height of 150 metres and covering 100,000 square metres it will become a social hub for entertainment and leisure activities working like a huge high-tech circus tent.

The structure will have a 200 metre elliptical base which tapers lopsidedly upwards to the mast, and will be clad in ETFE (Ethylene TetrafluoroEthylene) a plastic renowned for its high corrosion resistance and strength over a wide variety of temperatures which will be suspended with large cables.

The three legs supporting the central peak of the tent do not have a directly vertical centre point but rather are tilted at an angle allowing the tension from the tent to help support them. This will also give a distorting view when stood under the centre making the structure look like it is spiralling away into some sort of black hole.

The tent will be transparent allowing the sun to penetrate it but keeping the extreme temperature fluctuations that Kazakhstan suffers from safely outside allowing fun to be had what ever the weather. Temperatures can vary from -35 to + 35oc which is part of the driver behind the scheme in giving the locals a relief from those long winter nights.

Inside the tent visitors will find a one of a kind urban park complete with public squares and cobbled streets. Although lacking in clowns and elephants balancing on balls many other attractions will be included in the build.

Visitors can look forward to enjoying gardened terraces, a tropical water that will weave through the complex complete with wave pools, waterfalls and a river which will all be lit with integrated roof lighting. If you don't fancy a swim there will also be a beach resort, minigolf, cinema, various cafes and restaurants and of course, the all important shopping area which will be populated by both international retailers and local merchants.

The highest terrace will serve as a viewing deck which will give fantastic views over the complexSpace for exhibitions and live performances is also included in the scheme along with covered car parking.

Such projects have been built throughout mankind's history by those who really want to be noticed from the famous pleasure dome at Xanadu to London's less successful Millennium Dome.

Driving the project forwards is It is the autocratic Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev himself who recently moved the capital to Astana. Proving dictators always do the most eccentric buildings and desparate for landmark buildings in his new capital with at least $15 billion already spent on other schemes, Nazarbayev hopes his already under construction tent can be completed by the start of 2008

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PostSubject: Re: The Circus Comes To Kazakhstan   The Circus Comes To Kazakhstan EmptyMon Jan 03, 2011 11:40 am


Park Hyatt Hotel, está ubicado en la Ciudad de Mendoza, a 15 minutos del Aeropuerto Internacional y de las principales bodegas y a 90 minutos de centros de ski.


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The Circus Comes To Kazakhstan
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