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 Singapores Green Art Dream

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The artistically inclined students of Singapore will be eagerly awaiting 2008 when it is expected for the doors to swing open on the new School of the Arts project.

A first of its kind in the Republic, it will cater for students between the ages 0f 13-18. Boasting a uniquely integrated curriculum, the project is also a uniquely styled build.

Designed by Architects Wong Mun Summ and Richard Hassell of WOHA, the concept is to provide a creative learning space that reflects the diversity of the various arts and act as a portal through which the members of the public can view the learning processes as well as the end products of the students hard work.

Covering an area of 5,800 sqm the project is the brainchild of the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts. The plan is for two horizontal levels visually connected named the Backdrop and the Blank Canvas. The lower level (Backdrop) will provide a space for the public whilst the upper level (Blank Canvas) will provide a safe learning environment for the students.

Extended cantilevers and large, matured trees work together on the lower level to create an almost tropical metropolitan space, whilst the ground plane will be a sculpted terrain of stairs and platforms creating numerous possibilities for performances and public viewing. The public concourse has been designed to be light, breezy and devoid of defined boundary fencing.

The glazed clad fa├žade on this level will act as "windows to the city" allowing the public on the street to see what goes on behind the scenes of the Music Auditorium which will seat approximately 600 and Studio Theatre, which will seat approximately 400.

On the upper level it will be punctuated throughout with green and open spaces including a roof garden, these will reduce heat gain whilst absorbing carbon and providing shaded, open, outdoor spaces for recreation and relaxation purposes. Green living walls will also act as environmental filters, screening interior rooms from solar glare, dust and heat whilst acoustic ceilings will screen traffic noise.

Aside from the comprehensive teaching facilities the school will also house a gym and fitness centre along with library, media centre and an exhibition gallery

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Singapores Green Art Dream
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