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 Karachi Finance Towers Start Construction

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PostSubject: Karachi Finance Towers Start Construction   Karachi Finance Towers Start Construction EmptyTue Nov 09, 2010 12:50 am

Work has begun on what will be the first and tallest commercial skyscraper venture in Pakistan.

Named Karachi Financial Towers (KFT), the project is aimed at the burgeoning "Y Generation", the marketing speak for yuppies and international investors.

Elegance, the perfect environment and being able to provide everything the modern worker and consumer could desire appear to be the main criteria for this scheme, which according to the proposed plans may be realized as soon as the summer of 2010.

With the tallest standing at a respectable 198 metres high, the complex features twin oval shaped towers with sloping roof-lines that are arranged perpendicular to each other and joined together by a sky bridge. The edges looking out are partially balconied creating exterior space for the buildings inhabitants.

Sited centrally in Karachi's main business district, the towers will cover a whopping 130,000 square metres and will feature identically three levels of basements, two levels of retail space, five levels of podium parking providing approximately 1800 parking spaces and thirty three levels of above podium, grade A office space.

Where the sky bridge impales the towers at floors 24-29 a leisure zone will feature containing the usual facilities such as a swimming pool and a gardened terrace open to the elements and complete with stunning views of the surrounding area. The Sky Bridge itself will be home for an Elite Business Club, perfect positioning to view the minions busy at work over a glass or two of chilled champers.

Developers Enshaa NLC are billing the build as state of the art which compared with the rest of the world may be a bit of a overstatement compared to the high-tech gloss of London or Shanghai but, as a first tower of its kind in the country its appearance alone marks a step forwards by Pakistan to modernity

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Karachi Finance Towers Start Construction
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