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  Splinter Cell: Conviction-Xbox 360

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PostSubject: Splinter Cell: Conviction-Xbox 360     Splinter Cell: Conviction-Xbox 360  EmptyMon Dec 27, 2010 12:28 pm

[SIZE="6"]Splinter Cell: Conviction[/SIZE]
 Splinter Cell: Conviction-Xbox 360  Splinter-cell-conviction-xbox-360-019

[SIZE="3"]"The thing you have to understand is this, the Sam Fisher you knew is dead. America killed him, asked him to make one sacrifice too many, cross one line too far. A drunk driver killed him. Some anonymous asshole who ran down his daughter and vanished. She was the one thing in his life that humanized him. And his agency killed him. They set him up, turned him loose, and told him to pull the trigger on his best friend in a dirty New York City basement."[/SIZE]

This is the quote that pulls you into Sam Fishers new story. Conviction is a fresh, new beast, different from any Splinter Cell you have played in the past.

First of all it doesn’t matter if you’ve never played another Splinter Cell before. The story catches you up really quickly. Sam’s daughter was killed somewhere during the events of Double Agent and now he finds out in might not have just been some drunk driver incident. I’m not gonna spoil the story but it’s worth hanging around for. Story is presented by images projected onto the environment in real time, making the story involving but also open to be ignored if you want. Mission objectives are also displayed in this way which is a really awesome feature.

Gameplay has been turned on its head for Conviction. Sam is much more immediate in this adventure. In previous Splinter Cell’s there was always the option between lethal and non lethal. That choice has now gone. You’re either going to be lethal or nothing. Enemies are not to be feared and avoided. Enemies are merely a minor distraction which simply needs a bullet to the head. Stealth is no longer about avoiding contact with every living being between you and the end of the level. Stealth is about getting you close enough to your target so you can snap his neck. The game is much faster than previous entries and as a result it turns Conviction into a more accessible title than one would expect from Splinter Cell. A cover system is now in place which lets you move Sam through the environment much faster. Light and sound meters are gone. In place of the light meter is colour bleeding. If you’re in the light and you can be seen then the screen just looks normal. However if you sink into the shadows then the colour bleeds from the screen and makes it black and white. This has its pros and cons. While it shows some level of innovation and is preferable to a light meter, it does mean a large portion of the game is played in black and white. And with graphics this good that’s quite a shame.

 Splinter Cell: Conviction-Xbox 360  Splinter-cell-conviction-screenshot

Also is the new Mark and Execute feature. Using the RB button you can “mark” people or objects around the environment. Then by performing a melee kill you earn the right to “execute.” With a tap of Y Sam will quickly deliver bullets to the heads of all those you were unfortunate enough to mark. Some troubles arise however. If you mark someone but they move behind cover just as you hit the execute button your bullet will defy physics and go through solid objects in order to hit the target. Also, this feature has been called a “win” button by some of the more hardcore Splinter Cell fans and that it would sap the challenge. This is partly true. It certainly does make clearing out a room of guards far easier when you know you can just execute four of them. Still, if you want the challenge there’s no obligation to use it. And by forcing you to get a melee kill first there’s not much danger of overuse

Also in this adventure is a co op story. In short this rocks. Splinter Cell is always much cooler when you have a friend helping you along. The co op story isn’t overly long but is a hell of a lot of fun while it lasts and you can always replay it if you want. It serves as a prequel to Sam Fisher’s story and puts you in the shoes of two new agents; Archer and Kestrel. Archer is a Third Echelon chap while Kestrel is employed by Voron, the Russian counterpart to Third Echelon. There isn’t much co op moves like you saw in Chaos Theory but the game is still much more satisfying with a friend in tow. It can be played through split screen, system link or xbox live.

And finally is Deniable Ops. These can be played alone or with a friend but having a friend is preferable. There are three game types; Hunter, Last Stand and Face Off. Face Off requires a friend though, you can’t play this solo. The mode Infiltration can also be purchased through the Uplay store. Hunter is very simple. Kill all enemies on the map. They are split into groups of ten and after killing each group you can move onto the next area and kill another ten. If you are detected reinforcements come in the form of another ten. Infiltration is exactly the same except if you are detected the mission is instantly failed. Last Stand has you protecting an EMP generator against waves of enemies. Face Off is similar to Hunter except your opponent is working against you. You get points for killing the enemies with extra points if you kill the other human player. Deniable Ops are great fun. They can really test your skills and provide more length to what would have been a rather bare package otherwise.

 Splinter Cell: Conviction-Xbox 360  656f7_Splinter-Cell-Conviction-screenshot

Conviction is a different Splinter Cell. Being detected isn’t such a big deal now that you are encouraged to simply kill rather than reload your checkpoint. A lot of diehard fans of classic Splinter Cell will not like this game. It is in the realm of action/stealth now but this could be a good thing. This has become an accessible title which appeals to a much wider group of people. And what it comes down to is this game is pure, badass fun.


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Splinter Cell: Conviction-Xbox 360
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